Match Reports

Match Reports

19th January 2017

What We Did In The Hols

The V&A go on tour. Rather late in the day, here is a note on our first tour abroad, to the South of France. I don’t have a score book, I think we forgot it, but my memory is as acute as ever.
20th September 2016

2016 V&A CC End of Year Report

The V&A CC is in rude health. We were oversubscribed for nearly every game, and sometimes had 12 or even 14 to rotate on the day. This was partly due to bungling or weakness on my part: players clambered eagerly aboard and I thought, what the fuck, someone is bound to die or get banged up before Saturday but it didn’t happen. Some, like Adam, feel that playing 12 or more is wallyish. Personally I like the luxury of sitting out a few overs and chatting to the old biddies on the boundary. Speaking of which they created the most exotic and delectable lunches, better than ever. Teas too, with memorable cakes and scones. My own efforts are industrial by comparison. I regret bringing the wrong sort of tea bags, Lapsang Suchong or Orange Pekoe, forget which, but the oiks that I am forced to spend my days with at […]
17th September 2016

V&A v. The Bandits

Our 2016 (home) season came to an end against the Bandits with Lachlan Nieboer as our skipper. Electing to bat first on a stodge pit of a wicket, we promptly fielded first in miserable cold.
3rd September 2016

V&A v. The Authors XI

The rain came down at 4pm, as forecast, turning the picturesque Stonor valley dank and leaden, the trees rustling disconsolately and ruining what had been bubbling up to an exciting fin
21st August 2016

V&A v. Stonor CC

Ashcroft elected to bat first on a greener wicket than that of last week against a 9-man Stonor CC in a timed game. Sadly, there was not time enough to complete the game before the rain came down and stayed down.
13th August 2016

V&A v. The Silk Boudior

We pondered the question, “Will you miss Boycott when he retires? He’s been on TMS for years”. This is pointless filler. But Rupert, is this pointless filler floorless?
6th August 2016

V&A v. Legends XI

The Legends, as is proudly emblazoned on their score book, was founded in 2004 by the urbane Matt Simmonds, and are a team who approach the game with a sense of fair play and general joie de vivre which has been sadly lacking in recent matches.
30th July 2016

V&A v. Turville Park

The local derby has a special place in all sport. They are the games that players play for and spectators most relish throughout a season. Bragging rights are on the line and matches can see the odd moment of tension between players.
9th July 2016

V&A v. Acme

All was harmony after the previous week when Nick P-G’s reversing of the normal batting order – to give some batting to tail-enders – caused disquiet. We batted first in a conventional 35-over game, opening with Ross and Andy Taylor, who saw off some sound bowling by Acme’s Harris and Saraf, to reach 50 without loss, scoring at a brisk 5 an over.
2nd July 2016

V&A v. Therbertons

“It is poor form to take offence at personal comments in a match report”, whined old has-been, Tim Young to me over lunch. He might regret that. The rest of the Thebertons team where rather young and fit (or in the case of local estate agent, Alexander Risdon, young).