Match Reports

Match Reports

22nd May 2022

V&A v Invalids

It was clear early on that we were going to have a good day’s cricket. The sign came midweek, when a hearty laugh, familiar to residents of the Stonor valley, echoed through the bookshop from Mr. Jonkers’s office. More often than not this indicates the arrival of a missive, in all-caps or none, from N. Bird. But mirthful message came from our caterer, Nick Constantine, who had asked for permission to go “a little over budget” for Saturday’s spread. Now, those of us who can be a little tardy in paying our match fees, will know that our Treasurer likes to run a tight ship. But, much like Elizabeth Von Arnim’s Mr Wilkins, he “encourages thrift, except that branch of it which gets into his food”, and so the request was summarily approved. We, and the fatted calf Constantine had singled out for the feast, were off to the races. […]
18th July 2018

V&A v The Jesmond Jaguars

The morning was hot and sticky, unwelcome for a V&A side of extreme youth in varying states of disrepair. These ranged from Andy Jones (a bit groggy) to captain Constantine and new recruit Nolan (both struggling to come to terms with consciousness). Deers loafed in the shade across the valley, the toss was won, and birds fell from the sky pissing themselves with laughter at six would-be cricketers in their twenties contemplating having to bat in 30 degree heat. We were the future once, but it was clear that senior players would have to be relied on. The more experienced, thankfully, were at hand to raise the spirits. The first was Phil Goodliffe, whose wife Eve had been up since 6am putting the finishing touches to our lunches and teas. As Andy Taylor and self limbered up before opening, the Goodliffes pulled up in front of the pavilion and a […]