Match Reports

Match Reports

3rd June 2024

V&A v The Town & Country XI

This game was about the sixteenth iteration of a fixture which has its origins in the connection between our erstwhile tea lady and doyenne of the side of cold roast beef, Sarah Jenkins and the Winters family.  Martin Winters had bought Sarah’s house in Cornwall and as a consequence had been introduced to Nicky Bird.  I can only assume that Martin wasn’t firing on all cylinders at the time as it is reported that he found Nicky both polite and amusing and suggested that his son, George, who had recently moved to Wargrave, gather a team to play the V&A.  In the early days their team was made up of George’s school friends and a rag tag of fellows from nearby Wargrave, who were for the most part, not very good at cricket.  They always won the toss, but seldom the match.  One one occasion that had the misfortune to come […]
28th May 2024

V&A v Invalids

The V&A season moved on to the last fixture for May and probably the first fixture where everything came together suitably – pitch, temperature, sunshine and a full complement of players. Rob Taylor was this week’s incumbent as captain, tackling all of the accompanying duties with energy and diligence. His first challenge was to find 11 players on a Bank Holiday weekend. In this, he was more than successful; 12 turned up on the morning. Christy’s friend Irwin Sharif, one of the first to arrive, stepped aside with equanimity for young Charlie Knight, although the swap had little impact on the average age of the V&A team. The tactful note in the scorebook records the toss as “uncontested”. Invalids batted first. James Anderson was recently given a firm nudge to retire at 41. Brendon McCullum considered him too old to open the bowling for more than a match or two. […]
7th May 2024

V&A CC v Howitzers

For those not gallant enough to brave cricket in April this was the opening game of the season. I heard reports from enduring caterer/administrator Steph Bird of cold weather/unfinished beer and match lost. The day looked safe from at least 2 of these as the V and A took on the Howitzers on a day mostly drenched in some very welcome sun. Tom Bird was skipper for the day and popped in David Pitlarge and Christy to open up, then checked the beer and wine stocks. Our openers played watchfully before Christy was out caught mistiming a shot off what was a slightly sludgy pitch. Tetlow strolled in and fairly promptly got caught in some running confusion with David who was run out. This was by no means the first or worst of these of the day. But we’ll get to that. I went to console Joe and have a […]