Match Reports

Match Reports

2nd September 2020
V&A vs The Refreshers XI, 2020

V&A vs The Refreshers CC

  I never asked to do the match report, but here goes. Nicky’s are bollocks mainly, Jonkers’ impenetrable, NPG talks in riddles. So the bar is pretty low. Jago’s are lovely, by the way. I’ll attempt to get it on the website unedited*. Which is manned by Nick Constantine. Constantine is kit manager, wine manager and website manager. It helps to be clubbable. He had trouble with Ross, leading to a political tête-à-tête. Ross was stressed with two kids and a stressful career, and Nick C wound him up. I was ok with Ross, until I got arsy with him for not keeping wicket well enough, and next week he was gone. I hope he and Megan come back at some point, not least because they made the place wonderful with children and puddings. His dashing backward forward defensive attack is folklore in these parts; his prolific run scoring too, […]
27th May 2018

V&A CC – Salisbury tour 2018

Cometh the hour, cometh the V&A. Never in the long history of the V&A’s small band of slightly mad yet ultimately purist players (of what I still insist is the real Great Game) has there been such a triumph of organised fun as there was this recent May Bank Holiday weekend on our 4-day, 2-game tour around the sublime Cranbourne Chase near Salisbury, Wiltshire. It was months in the planning, I believe. I do remember paying some money at some point, but ashamedly that was the extent of my involvement. The entire event was organised brilliantly by Ross and Megan Ashcroft, and our veteran slip-fielder and ever-louche poet-philosopher, Nicky Bird (away this week). It would be more than churlish of me not to thank these members here and now, from the bottom of our boots, for their time and devotion to this extremely well-oiled operation. It ran like clockwork – […]