2024 Season Fixtures

All matches take place at Stonor, 11.30 start, unless otherwise stated
Match managers in Red, caterers in Blue.

Captain Duties

1. Raising a team
2. Liaising with opposition captain, ensuring he knows match fee (£200 per team), that he has a full team and if not whether we can offer a player; warn him of Remenham Hill and suggest he view our website for directions; discuss what type of game is preferred
3. Making sure there is a match ball for both innings (the oppo should bring one)
4. Deciding with oppo type of game played
5. Making sure pavilion is tidy at end of game
6. Collecting match fees from both sides if Treasurer absent and remitting to Treasurer
7. Liaising with caterer
8. Not forgetting to turn on hot water in morning (left of stove) and all electric switches (right of stove), and turning off same at end of day
9. Arrange writing of match report