Match Reports

Match Reports

27th June 2015

V&A v. 39ers

The 39ers are a very pleasant bunch, blending youth with youth. Actually they had roped in a local Oxfordshire chap in his 50s, but he was not in the true ringer class. They were not that strong, their star bowler Suva having buggered his shoulder, and they had a long tail that included our own Martin Bowden (playing for the 39ers to make them 11).
6th June 2015

V&A v. Erratics

James Rivington won the toss for the Erratics and put on his pads to bat first in a 35 over game. He removed his pads in the first over from de Caires. The Erratics stuttered to 44 for 4 due to wickets from de Caires, Jonkers and Tom P-G.
30th May 2015

V&A v. Hermits

The Hemmingford Hermits were founded a year after us, and named after a pub in North London where the founders got drunk. They still do, but in their own homes. Many of the original members are now too infirm or gaga to make it to Stonor but their indomitable skipper, Terry Blake, still bats and captains with authority, although he no longer bowls his (very) slow tweakers, which was always a welcome bit of light relief.
23rd May 2015

V&A v. Invalids

The Invalids, a wandering side, were founded in 1917 by two wounded British officers lying in adjoining beds in a base hospital. So in this anniversary year of the Great War we salute them for having nearly made it to a century. The V&A mustered 13 with me but 12 without – I umpired as did the wounded Chris Mounsey-Thear who has broken something mentionable but cannot recall what. The promised sun only came out when the game was over. Despite the greyness we lunched outside on the orders of the tea lady who determines these things. She got the opposition to carry the tables out, which is the sort of test that separates officer material from Other Ranks. They failed to make officer grade, getting the tables hopelessly stuck in the pavilion entrance. We played a 35-over game because their agreeable skip, Richard Charlton (in the absence of their […]
16th May 2015

V&A v. National Theatre

It was a textbook day of cricket. The weather was fine throughout, the Stonor valley looked a resplendent study in emerald in the late spring, the very essence of the English countryside; both lunch and tea, prepared by the saintly Megan Ashcroft in spite (or possibly because) of a ten month old daughter, were delicious and the cricket was, for the most part, a tight and good natured contest. Unlike the V&A most of the NTs have a connection to that august institution; however on this occasion late illness to a couple of regulars saw substitutes drafted in from Brighton.  The wicket might, as usual, have benefitted from a bit more rolling and mowing. The crease at one end was marked at such a rakish angle as to cast doubt on the sobriety of its executor. The NT, who won the toss and invited the V&A to bat, took full advantage […]
9th May 2015

V&A v. Andy Taylor XI

The 12-man V&A beat the Andy Taylor XII by 7 runs in a keenly contested 35-over game. Everyone contributed in their own special and sometimes spectacular ways. At 130 for 9, the Taylors needed 24 to win with capable batsmen, Green and Cooper, at the crease. Rob Taylor, their skipper, was still in the hutch ready to bat at 12. With the boundary miles back and a slow outfield, the V&A conceded only 15 runs and nipped home. That Rob Taylor did not get to bat was a relief to the V&A. The Taylors won the toss and chose to bowl on a green top. After Poynter fell straightaway for a duck, breezy knocks by Roger Smith (14) and Wayland (not many) helped an assured Rupert Morris (18) take the score to 50 for 4 off 13 overs. Morris deployed his late cut to great effect and thrilled us all […]
2nd May 2015

V&A v. Townies & Country Folk XI

WINNER. WINNER. CHICKEN DINNER! Exclaimed Snooker World Champion, Stuart Bingham on hearing that the V&A had won their first match in 11 months. The form book suggested a win, but George Winters and his Townies & Country Folk XI have enough quality players to turn over a V&A side lacking the experience of De Caires, Bowden and Morris. George has recently moved home to Crackpole Hill and looked like he had been juggling numerous youth football fixtures in the morning. Either might explain his absence till tea. Olly Winters took up the reigns and led his team out to field in a 30-over game. Like the V&A squad, T&CF XI has a fairly balanced side that contains some talent and youth. This year they fielded 2 very competent 8 year old munchkins and a box of Rebellion Ale. Jesus was it cold up there. Pete Bridge and Alex Deacon bowled […]
25th April 2015

V&A v. GT’s

Team selection will be competitive this year as the newfound V&A strength in depth allowed our skipper, Dennis, the luxury of a 14-man squad plus a scorer.