Match Reports

Match Reports

14th July 2017

V&A v The Jesmond Jaguars

Looking back at old match reports, I noticed that the Jesmond Jaguars were, until 2008 or so, known as the Jesmond Joggers.  I don’t know if they felt that changing their name would make the team sound more butch or menacing, or whether the team, made up of Newcastle University graduates, feared that as middle age spread came upon them, their original epithet might not be taken with the irony it was intended.  They are however, still young and for the most part can run and throw in a way many of the V&A faithful can barely remember.  They were however only nine in number, when eleven is expected.  Midway through the week a plot was hatched to commandeer our captain, Chris Mounsey-Thear, originally a Jaguar (or Jogger), but now most definitely a V&A man.  Their plan was foiled and instead we lent them a fielder. CMT neither batted nor […]
1st July 2017
VAvA ACME-2017


ACME are Bowden’s old team and had some good young players who could catch; a few could bat too. I was impressed by their cars (including an Aston Martin) and wives.
22nd June 2017

V&A v The Bandits

It had been a day of blistering weather and it was a sensible decision to play a forty over game.
10th June 2017

V&A v The Chelsea Arts Club

Our second oldest fixture after the mighty Hermits, and always fun. This year, when they turned up, eventually, I counted the number of their yoof element, young people who run and bend and throw. None. In contrast we had 7 – 8 if you count Christiaan (I don’t).
28th May 2017

V&A v The Hermits

THE HEMMINGFORD HERMITS were founded a year after us by a ragged lot who had mostly been to Exeter University or Radley
6th March 2017

V&A Annual Dinner Dance

On Friday March 3, at the illustrious NATIONAL LIBERAL CLUB, we held our annual AGM and dinner. RUPERT MORRIS, our Treasurer, read a nice piece about ‘occasional cricketers’ – from an old Times fourth leader. ANDY FRASER CMG auctioned off some vintage V&A cricket gear, and a couple of signed V&A Fixture Lists (by GARRY SOBERS – £50 – and MIKE GATTING – £5). The awards ceremony was conducted by NICK PRITCHARD-GORDON, who compiled the stats with the help of CHRIS MOUNSEY-THEAR. In the old days Nicky Bird used to compile the stats from the top of his head, having lost the score book, and they bore little relation to what took place at Stonor. It was rumoured that you only received an award if you a) turned up at the dinner b) provided him with whisky, and your wife. NICK P-G is incorruptible. The only bribe he accepted was […]
21st August 2016

V&A v. Stonor CC

Ashcroft elected to bat first on a greener wicket than that of last week against a 9-man Stonor CC in a timed game. Sadly, there was not time enough to complete the game before the rain came down and stayed down.
13th August 2016

V&A v. The Silk Boudior

We pondered the question, “Will you miss Boycott when he retires? He’s been on TMS for years”. This is pointless filler. But Rupert, is this pointless filler floorless?
30th July 2016

V&A v. Turville Park

The local derby has a special place in all sport. They are the games that players play for and spectators most relish throughout a season. Bragging rights are on the line and matches can see the odd moment of tension between players.
9th July 2016

V&A v. Acme

All was harmony after the previous week when Nick P-G’s reversing of the normal batting order – to give some batting to tail-enders – caused disquiet. We batted first in a conventional 35-over game, opening with Ross and Andy Taylor, who saw off some sound bowling by Acme’s Harris and Saraf, to reach 50 without loss, scoring at a brisk 5 an over.