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Welcome to the V&A Cricket Club (est. 1975), a club that plays at Stonor Park in Oxfordshire.

Latest Match Reports

11th August 2022
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V&A v Bacchus XI

Saturday 6th August saw a new opposition debut at Stonor as the V&A had the absolute pleasure of hosting the Bacchus XI. Youthful, charming, and bringing a certain glamour with them as there were a couple more X chromosomes on the pitch than the reactionaries of the V&A are accustomed to. Bacchus, as we all know, is the Roman god of agriculture and wine. Associated with drama and the theatre he is often depicted accompanied by priapic satyrs and delicate nymphs. How fitting that Lachlan was selected, and that Nick C was making his post injury come back appearance. Patrick, the Bacchus skipper, got the trowel out early stressing they really were mainly here for the wine (and nymphs) and were not a strong side. Apparently, they had recently been thrashed by a school team, although it wasn’t made clear if it was a boys school. Rob T, our fecund […]
10th August 2022

V&A v Jesmond Jaguars

As both the V&A and the Jesmond Jaguars descended on Stonor, cloud cover had gathered in the humid air. Google tells me that Jesmond is an “upscale suburb” in Newcastle, with “posh clothing boutiques and cafes” and “chic cocktail bars” (the Roundhay of Newcastle but without any future Conservative party leader to tarnish its reputation). For a moment I thought it an honour to have a team travel so far, from such a seemingly utopian place to play the humble V&A. I then learnt that none of the team actually live in Newcastle, and they just happened to go to university there and play rugby together. This disappointment set aside, Christiaan’s (7-1-40-1) eyes lit up at a chance to start off the bowling in the cloudy conditions, after we either won or lost the toss. He started a tidy spell, with his first five overs going for only 15. In […]

We play at Stonor Park, near Henley on Thames.

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Michael Atherton Esq. OBE

Hon. Vice President

The late Keith Miller Esq. MBE

“Pressure? I’ll tell you what pressure is. Pressure is a Messerschmitt up your arse. Pressure is not playing cricket."

Vice Presidents

Nigel Allsop Esq.

Michael Atherton OBE

Simon Barnes Esq.

Terence Blake Esq.

Rt Hon The Lord Camoys GCVO, PC, DL

Lady Dowding

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Rt Hon Sir John Major KG, CH

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Mrs. Annette Jacot de Boinod

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V&A CC 2021 Season Awards

Cricketer Of The Year Joe Tetlow

Players Player Adam Jacot

Batsman Ollie Marsh  

Partnership Phil Goodliffe & Nicky Bird   

Bowler Christiaan Jonkers   

Bowling Feat Baz Street   

Innings Andy Jones

Wicketkeeper Matt Wright  

Catch Nick Derewlany

Run Outs Charlie Hunt & Theo Grantham    

Lifetime Achievement Sarah Jenkins