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Welcome to the V&A Cricket Club (est. 1975), a club that plays at Stonor Park in Oxfordshire.

Latest Match Reports

1st October 2023

The Royal Household CC v V&A CC

Royal Household CC 214-2 (41 overs) (T Mellor 100 not out, A Hawkesworth 100), The V & A 30 (Mandip Sohi 5-3). Forgettable or unforgettable? That is the question. How long will this loom large? How long will it hurt? What will those who didn’t play make of this, the most feeble of responses on record from a V+A batting X1? How will some of you, grandfathers to be, pass this down? One compensation for recording such a match is the range of adjectives justifiably on offer: from dire to diabolical. It was October and so a bonus game. I remember playing when September meant mud on the boots and leaves on the spikes. But today the sun even shone: physically at least. It all seemed idyllic and, once endless admin allowed us past the gunmen gatemen, we were soon all safely secluded in our security bubble. How glorious a […]
19th September 2023
PHOTO-2023-09-18-17-41-13 B

V&A vs. All Sorts

    The ALL SORTS are named after a box of liquorice sweeties. Like Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts they’re a mixed bag. Some are butch and young, others not. David Pitlarge suggested, by the way, that I have a Manichean view of cricketers, they are either butch or effete. But there are exceptions and skipper Adam Jacot falls in between: his feminine side is dominant in the kitchen but his virility is apparent in his bowling and robust batting. His manliness was evident when a ball smacked him in the mouth. He retired reluctantly from the field, was patched up by the wonderful Emma and returned to his bowler’s mark, bloodied but uncomplaining. His captaincy was typically tactful, with late-order batsmen bowling and everyone getting a chance to do something, however badly. Adam’s fielding was as always languid, and generous to the batsmen. Christiaan and I had a chat about the […]

We play at Stonor Park, near Henley on Thames.

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V&A CC 2023 Season Awards

Cricketer Of The Year Rob Taylor

Players Player Adam Jacot 

Batsman Nick Derewlany

Partnership Tom Bird & Alex Pitlarge

Bowler Lachlan Nieboer

Bowling Feat Christiaan Jonkers 

Innings Chris Mounsey-Thear

Catch David Pitlarge

Supporter Sandra Taylor

Caterer Stephanie Bird

Lifetime Achievement Nick Pritchard-Gordon