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Welcome to the V&A Cricket Club (est. 1975), a club that plays at Stonor Park in Oxfordshire.

Latest Match Reports

23rd September 2018

2018 – End of Term Report

The season ended not with a bang but a whimper. Our last improvised fixture at Stonor was not to be. God intervened as She/He often does, though for most of the summer you’d have thought cricket was what God did, so glorious was the weather. And for much of it I was in the mountains of upstate New York in persistent rain. Fuck it. I am not sure that improvised games work, oppositions are cobbled together and inquorate. We should ensure, though, that we do not get any more fixtures snaffled by the bohemians of the Chelsea Arts Club. We had an astounding number of close, even nail-biting, finishes. Not of the engineered type I used to contrive when I was a sort of permanent captain. If the opposition looked to be needing help I’d put a wally bowler on. The trouble was the wally bowler knew why he was […]
20th September 2018

V&A v The Authors XI

The V&A play the vast majority of their games in the easy to organise, safe and beautiful confines of Stonor. It is when we have to – very occasionally – arrange a game away from this environ that one is instantly reminded of the levels of admin that other teams regularly face…and it is not an experience this season’s new, and therefore slightly green, fixtures secretary wishes to embark on again in a hurry. It is safe to say that this middle aged cricket administrator learned a few life lessons during the week! Without going into detail, after 500+ emails, The Walker Ground in North London – home to league cricket’s Southgate CC and out ground for Middlesex CCC – saw 10 men, many of whom we were meeting for the first time, take to the field for the V&A against one of our regular oppositions, The Authors. The change […]

We play at Stonor Park, near Henley on Thames.

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Ted Dexter Esq. CBE

Hon. Vice President

The late Keith Miller Esq. MBE

“Pressure? I’ll tell you what pressure is. Pressure is a Messerschmitt up your arse. Pressure is not playing cricket."

Vice Presidents

Nigel Allsop Esq.

Michael Atherton OBE

Simon Barnes Esq.

Terence Blake Esq.

Rt Hon The Lord Camoys GCVO, PC, DL

Lady Dowding

Phil Edmonds Esq.

Tony Fisher Esq.

Ernest J Franklin Esq.

Andrew J. Fraser Esq. CMG

Nicholas J. Jenkins Esq.

Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

Rt Hon Sir John Major KG, CH

Jeremy Paxman Esq.

Doug Walters Esq.

Bruno Wollheim Esq.


V&A CC 2018 Season Awards

Cricketer Of The Year Tom Ayling   
Batsman Ross Ashcroft   
Partnership Nick Emley & Chris Mounsey-Thear   
Innings Chris Mounsey-Thear   
Bowler Christiaan Jonkers   
Bowling Feat Adam Jacot   

Wicketkeeper Phil Goodliffe  
Catch Louis Jacot / Tom Bird
Caterer All Caterers Are Cherished Equally    
Brian Statham / Good Egg Award Jago Poynter 
Lifetime Achievement Adam Jacot